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BP6.5 Human-body Elements Analyzer

BP6.5 Human-body Elements Analyzer
Product Detailed
1.body composition analysis 2.muscle-fat analysis obesity analysis assessment

              BP6.5 Human-body Elements Analyzer


General introductionThe human body is the most complex machines in the world, while we know little about it. Manyyoung people feel that they are healthy and no health problems exist. But in fact, in the modernsociety today, many factors ruin our health , such as the tight rhythm of life, the heavy pressure ofwork and studying, long-term irregular life, bad diet, poor quality of sleep, lack of physical exercise andetc. Health departs slowly and inadvertently, and we do not realize the physical, physiological andfunctional changes happen to our body. It always too late to go to the hospital for an examination whenwe feel there are problems, because we have already missed the best time for treatment.Only those who know themselves can be kind to their own. The constitution is the comprehensivereflection of conformation and physical function of human body, also is the important basis forhealth.Today in the modern world , people are generally in sub-healthy status, regular tests can helpone understand their own physical health status so that they can have targeted treatment in bodyslimming, and do exercise and disease prevention.GS6.5 Human-body Elements Analyse Instrment applies multi-frequency bioelectrical impedancetest Principle, using 8 points touching the electrode method to test impedance and composition of theelements in all parts of the human body ,including the health situation analysis (including: weight,protein, fat, water,abio-salf, waist-hip ratio, etc.) It can provide scientific data for weight control, diet,slimming, muscle training, nutrition balance and diagnosis of diseases and etc. The instrument has thefunctions of body composition analysis, muscle-fat analysis obesity analysis and health assessment.Widely used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, aerobics and slimming centers, sports and fitnessclubs and other fields.

HandelectrodeChassis-8-1. Please use the three cores power line matching with the equipment, and security groundingdevices must be used.2. Do not use or place it in the dank and heated bathroom, kitchen, or other dusty places.3. To avoid places which exist strong magnetic field or radio waves.4. Except for professionals or company' authorized officers, nobody is allowed to take the mainstream apart or open the machines cover.5. Maintenance from unprofessional is not allowed; or else one have to take full responsibilities.Notes1. Do not attach cosmetics, liquid or other dirties to the touch screens.2. Do not use alcohol, laundry powder or other detergents to scrub the touch screens directly;please use soft-wet towels to wipe with special detergent when clean it.3. Do not use sharp, heavy items hammer the touch screen.Touchscreen1. Do not use fingernails to touch the electrode parcel; it may damage theelectrode rods, affecting the accuracy of test results.2. Do not squeeze the electrode parcel excessively with your fingers.3. Do not throw or impact hard.Contraindications:1. The one who installed heart pacemakers and pregnant women are prohibited.2. Patients who are disabled or equipped with metal artificial body are not fit for use.Noun ExplanationsNoun Explanations:Water content: Sumof intracellular and extra cellular fluid.Protein: Mostly stock in the muscle cells, is the reflection of the nutrition status.Inorganic salt: Weight of the bones.Body fat: Sumof subcutaneous fat, visceral fat and muscle fat.Weight: Total weight of the body.Fat-free weight: Make up by water contain, protein and abi-osalt.Obesity Analysis: Body Mass Parameters(BMI)) cannot evaluate theConner's obesity information fully. Adding two parameters(body fat percentrate and waist-hip fat ratio, can make the evaluation more accurate and effective.

Technique parameter:

pair1 pc1 pc1set1 pc1 pc100 pcs1 pcs10pcs1copy1 pcs-9-votage:AC100-240V/50-60Hz Power:≤53W

Annex list 1.Hand electrode2.Host power supply line3.Crystal data line4.Ink-jet printer5. Ink-jet printer data line6. Ink-jet printer power line7.Color print paper8.Thermal print paper9.Salver10. Hexagon screw11. Hexagon screwdriver12.Use manual

BP6.5 Human-body Elements Analyzer

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