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Needle-free Mesotherapy Equipment (BT-024)

Needle-free Mesotherapy Equipment (BT-024)
Product Detailed
1. high-effect, woundless and safe 2. decrease wrinkles, whiten skin and keep moisture, 3 improve cellulite, weight loss




Needle-free Mesotherapy Equipment







Needle-free injection is high-effect, woundless and safe treatment, completely removes the traditional needle and micro needle injection. It takes electrophoresis, (introduced into Europe markets in 2000 by the Italy company, Micro lab Biomedical, got FDA approval in 2005, Nobel Prizes Winner in Chemistry in 2007), uses the electro oration and electro osmosis, by orientation, layer-oriented, ration to supply nutrition to the deep-seated cells, assist to melody the musicale, lymph drainage, promote metabolism, lymph and blood circulation, so as to decrease wrinkles, whiten skin and keep moistures, improve cellulite, quicken fat dissolving and weight loss. Comparing it with the single skin care products, effectively absorb products higher 2000 times, thoroughly solve the problems of products only staying in the epidermis, can keep skin young for a certain term and shorten the period after treatment. Needle-free injection is truly the brightness of beauty equipments in 2008.



Work TheoryIt uses Electro oration and Electro osmosis techniques, (needle-free mesotherapy or mesoderm or cell rupture) technique, without any injectors, easily opens the aqua Orin (AQP), transports skin wanted nutrition, so as to treat all kinds of skin problems. With the application of Electrophoresis energy to the beauty industry, It takes ‘point to point’ infiltration techniques, by orientation, layer-oriented and ration to transport high-energy nutrition serum directly into the skin tissue, let it quickly being absorbed and effective, promote skin metabolism, keep skin elastic and fine.



AQP is the main channel of water in and out of the cells.



What is the electro oration and electro osmosis?


Electro oration: Directly act on the skin, instantly enhance skin tissue penetration. Under the function of electroshock, there will be formed holes in the lipid mobilization of cells, at the same time; the hydrophilic molecule which has not been absorbed originally can penetrate into cells inner. Once the holes forming, within several seconds to several minutes, it will keep the opening state according to the length of electroshock.



Electro osmosis: Mainly act on the substance molecule which will be dispersed, help it freely to penetrate into skin inner. Same quality electric charges are mutual repulsion, so it can throw positive current onto positive nutrition molecule, push nutrition molecule into skin tissues. Same time, the neutral molecule also will penetrate into skin inner also.





Freckle removal and skin whitening: Open cells channel woundless, absorb nutrition, participate in cells metabolism, promote cells rebirth.



Fantasy wrinkle removal: The electrode nutrition is directly penetrated the deep-seated skin, start cells rebirth, removes wrinkles of deep skin layer.



Resist the acne: Through the electric nutrition conveyer belt, inject the acne removal distillate into the focus, clear or restrain the acne rebirth, avoid the wound infection.



Moisten and make up water: Inject the water feeding active distillate into the deep-seated skin, supply enough water to the cells, and prevent the series of skin problems caused by short of water.






Operation steps:

1. Clean the skin first.

2. Plug in the power supply.

3.Turn equipment switch on, select operating modes: A, B, C for the body shaping in which: A Focus on pregnant marks, body and legs, B Focus on hand, C Focus on neck part; D, E for the face, D for large area on the body, E Mainly focus on small area such as eye corner , nose profile and so on, Please be noted with particular attention that treatment around mouth area need apply with E model ,and the intensity can be turned to a minimum of zero; Fis the cooling probefunction, It is focus on the last step of beauty treatment to clam the skin down.

4. Choose the right mode and turn the intensity to zero, press “Power” button to start treatment. put the negative part on customer abdomen(or connect at big area of customer skin),then put the no need mesotheray probe on the treatment skin, add the energy step by step according to customer needs to processing the beauty treatment.




Accessories list



Negative Part


No Needle Mesotherapy Probe for Face  


No Needle Mesotherapy Probe for Eye


Negative Probe


Cooling Probe


Power supply wire


English manual


Clinic Applications

1. Quick wrinkle removal;

2. Cellulite removal;

3. Freckle removal and skin whitening;

4. Orange skin tissue removal.

Suitable people

1. Skin reconstruction of the face

(1)Oily skin - big pores, thick cetin,

Purify the skin, remove unwanted thick cetin.

Purify the pores, dissolve the grease, dredge and tighten the pores, cleanse and smoothen the skin.

Skin color dark, tireless, paleness, dropsy

Rejuvenate the skin, speed up oxygen scent, improve circulation and skin color dark.

(2) Mature type, the skin slack, short of water, wrinkle, dry,

Lift and tighten the skin, tighten the slack skin, make up water to deep-seated skin.

Renew the skin, reconstruct and rebirth the cells, recover the youth skin state.

2. Eyes skin treatment

Remove the black orbits, eye bags, eye wrinkles; relax the dropsy of the eyes.

3. Slimming treatment


Dissolve the cellulite, smoothen the skin of body.


Remove the dropsy; improve blood vessels, lymph drainage.

(3)Slack and drooping skin after slimming

Tighten the slack skin, lift and tighten the skin.


Whose skin with wound, please avoid there or don’t treat on it.Don’t treat on whom with epilepsy.Don’t treat on whom with heart diseases, such as arrhythmia, especial whom with heart pacemaker. Don’t treat on whom with cancer.Don’t treat on whom with infection diseases.Don’t treat on the pregnant women.Don’t treat on the diabetic, or who had ever received big operations before.Don’t treat on whom with the metals in the body.

Normal questions and answers

Q. Applicable range?

A. It is based on the skin care products, to do skin whitening, wrinkle free, skin cleansing, acne removal etc.

Q. Any damage to the skin?

A. Of course not. Because the equipment uses electromagnetic field of electrophoresis, make pores of the skin open within two seconds, through electric transportation channel and the safest and most reliable way to transport the nutrition, direct into fondues cells. Skin activation and reconstruction finish in one time.

Q. Any difference with the traditional ultrasonic?

A. It overpasses the traditional ultrasonic and galvanic ion therapy, effectively passes through the protection, and penetrates skin care products into dermis layer. The equipment can let products into the skin deep-seated 10mm, so as to absorb nutrition better.


We will guarantee the quality of our equipment, normally there is no quality problem.

If there is a deficiency, please email or call us on the reasons, it would be best if this can be dealt with by email or telephone. Because some of the problems are caused by using the machine in a wrong way.We suggest the client to take photos of the area where the problem occurs, we will pass them to our technician , our technician will give a satisfactory answer within 1-7 working daysIf the problem comes from the spare part, we could consider in changing the spare part for our client, which could be sent with his/her next order. If the next order is uncertain, we could pay freight cost to send the spare parts.If the problem comes from the main device, we could advice our client to post the device back to our company for repair by ordinary post, or we could re-send a new one to our client. If the cost of posting the problematic device back to LEETY is more than the value of a new device, LEETY would take it into consideration, according to the actual status; apply to re-send a completely new device back to our client.Please make sure, if you send the inferior one to us by air etc. without any advanced notice, LEETY will not pay relevant air freight and custom fee.

All in one, we will try our best to serve you and also need your fully cooperation. Thanks.


The term of maintaining guarantee is a year from the date of purchasing according to the receipt. (Expendable is not included in it.) Others not included in maintaining guarantee or over the time, we also supply to maintain and renew but need charges. Please contact with the dealer if need change of purchasing the parts and easily expendable products.   We won’t supply maintaining guarantee if troubles as below:

a)          Disassembling the machine by self.

b)          Fall it without caution.

c)          Lack of reasonable keeping and protect.

d)         Not operate according to the user manual.

e)          Expendable reasons

If changes of the design and specification of the machine, we will not notice you in addition.

If any queries, please feel free to contact with the local marketing company.



Needle-free Mesotherapy Equipment (BT-024)

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