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lying Spa Capsule (SC-L002)

lying Spa Capsule (SC-L002)
Product Detailed
This Spa Capsule: 1.Environmental friendly, safe and reliable 2.easy to operate. 3.Quicken blood circulation, tighten skin

Lying Spa Capsule (SC-L002)Function Description:1. BathingUsing the special design of water tap in capsule, which sprays to humanbody, ensure the skin is clean and rosy.2. Vichy BathingIt can adjust the water pressure and position upon the different peopleneeds, to make acupressure to human body which improves the bloodcirculatory system and de-stressing.3. Steam saunaThe sauna of spa capsule makes your blood vessel expand apparently,which improves the blood circulation and drain the sweat to removetoxins in the intestines, and finally contribute to  relief your pain and curejoint disease during the treatment.

4. Aroma bathingChoosing the suitable spa oil upon people’s needs and wants, via usingthe steam to improve people’s health and mental.5. Infrared rayUsing the infrared ray to drain sweat in low temperature, enhance bloodcirculation and reduce the blood pressure and heart rate, thus contributeto remove toxins on the skin and weight loss.6. Spectrum therapyThe spectrum presents by the beams with 5 kinds of color-red, yellow,blue, green and purple. Which make people feel relax, reduce thepressures and improve your skin elasticity.7. EVD functionSpa capsule also provide entertainment when people use it. People canselect the music whatever they like, thereby contribute people to reducestress and keep relax during the treatment.8. Ozone sterilizationThis is an automatic and non-invasive ozone disincentive system, whichcan eliminate the germs and remove harmful heavy metal in human bodyentirely, ensure people to use the machine in safe.Specification:Voltage: 110/220V Frequency: 50/60HzSize: 235x95x125cm Material: AcrylicG.W.: 230kg Color: WhitePower: 3000W Visual function: EVDWarranty period: 2 years Certificate: CE

Installation instruction1. The connector of the water inlet pipe that is arranged at the back ofthis product is connected onto the tap water valve and then the valve isopened to supply water.2. The drain pipe is arranged at the bottom of the cabin and then isconnected with the floor drain or is installed in the drain pipe of the site.3. The built-in leakage protecting three-pin power plug is plugged into thethree-pin special socket of AC 220V (50Hz), while the socket isrequired to have the electric current of over 15A and the earth wire.The electric wire is required to be 2.55m? Note: Before the water inlet pipe is connected, it is suggested tofirstly open the valve of water inlet pipe and then check thewater source whether there is silt, ash and crushed stones.After the impurities in the water source pipeline are cleared, thewater inlet pipe and this product can be connected andscrewed down. It is suggested that a water purifier should beinstalled.Operation instructionThis machine uses latest high-tech touch keys. Once acorresponding key is touched by finger, the machine will actcorrespondingly, without the need to press the key forcibly. The displayscreen of the machine is the most popular LCD with blue background,showing the vogue distinctively. When a function key on next row is

touched, a corresponding beautiful green background light willilluminate. Specific MP3 music embodies casual and light vogue life.Sketch of Operation Panel

1, MP32, Volume/ Song3, Volume Up/ Next Song4, Volume Down/ Last Song5, Display6, Time / Temperature Down7, Time / Temperature Up8, Time/ Temperature9, Vichy Shower10, Far Infrared11, Facial Massage

12, Ozone therapy13, Power14, Background Light15, Spectrum Therapy16, Steam therapy1, Power switchWhen the Power switch key (12) is pressed to switch on the powersupply, the information display screen will illuminate; when ispressed again to switch off the power supply, all functions will beturned off.2,steam functionPress the Steam key (14) to initiate the steam function and press itagain to close the steam function.Note: If the blue background light of the Medicine Steam key flasheswithout stop, it indicates water is not enough. Please check whetherthe water valve is opened.1) Temperature setting: Press 8 and 9 keys to adjust the constanttemperature of the capsule, and stop heating when the temperaturein the capsule rises to the set temperature (“°C” symbol flashes onthe display screen). Heating begins once the temperature in thecapsule drops to the set temperature.2) Time setting: Press 6 and 7 keys to adjust the time of closingthe Medicine steam on a timing basis, with a time shown on the

  display screen. When time counts to “0”, Medicine steam will beclosed. If no timing function is set, countdown will not work, without atime shown on the display screen. At the moment, Medicine steam isnot limited by time.3, Ozone sterilization keyPress the Ozone Sterilization key (11) to initiate the sterilizationfunction and press it again to close the sterilization function.4, Spectrum functionPress the Spectrum key (13) to initiate the Spectrum function andpress it again to close the Spectrum function.5, Background light function:Press the background light button to start15 background lights,background lights turn off again by pressing.6, Hot-air features:Press the function key 11 hot air hot air fan to start again by pressingturn off hot-air fan.7, Spray function:Press the spray button 9 first to open up the nozzle, press the secondtime in the nozzle to open, press the third to open under the nozzle,press the automatic cycle of the fourth nozzle shower, and turn off bypressing the fifth spray function.8, Wave functionsPress the light button to start 10 wave function (Note: If the firstopened a steam function will automatically turn off the steamfunction), again by pressing turn off wave fun1 ) Temperaturesettings: By 6 7 key regulator module thermostat (built 45 °C), whenthe body temperature rose to stop the heating temperature (displaysymbol "°C" flashing). When the body temperature dropped to atemperature below the heating start.2) Time setting: Pressing the"temperature / time switch" button, and then adjust from time to time6 7 keys turn off wave function of time (default 30 minutes), thedisplay shows the time symbol. When the time to "0" turn off lighttherapy. If you do not set the countdown timer does not work, screen

  does not display symbols of time, when the wave function withouttime limit. .,Note: 6 7 key priority at the default settings thetemperature required for the transfer time by the "temperature / timeswitch" key9,MP3 function: Press the ON-OFF key (10) to initiate the MP3 functionand press it again to close the MP3 function.1). Song selection: press 3 and 4 keys to select next and previoussongs.2). Volume: press 1 and 2 keys to adjust volume.Note: if U disc is not inserted or U disc has no file in mp3 format, theCD icon on the display screen will not rotate. U disc player is inpoor touch (or not inserted properly) or a key indicator fordamage flashes.

 Cautions1. The elders and the infants must be accompanied by experienced adultwhen they are using this equipment .Heart sufferers, hypertensionsufferers, bad-healthy persons and over-drinking persons must usethe equipment careful.2. The highest temperature in the capsule is 69 degrees and thetemperature when stopping equipment should not be over 55degrees.3. DO NOT sit in the capsule while Sterilizing is working. User should goinside after 10-20mins when the Ozone sterilize closed.4. DO NOT repair any failure privately .Please contact local dealers.5. When user use Far infrared therapy, acrylic bed should installed first.6. DO NOT use alcohol to clean the capsule after using.7. There were 2 water outputs with the machine, please make sure these2 water outputs connected well before use the machine.

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